Sunday, November 18, 2012

Liquid City Harbor Needs Your Support This Week!

OK, here's the deal.  This band... we'll just say it.  ROCKS.  It's not just the same old sound.  It's unique.  You want to listen; you want to hear more.  Our production staff is drooling at the idea of partnering with these fine gentlemen from the 'Couve (that's Vancouver, WA, by the way).

They put on a great show for their fans at Pop Culture in downtown Vancouver last weekend.  Our team was there and was amazed by the energy and how much the crowd responded to this trio.  We don't even want to compare them to another band because, frankly, one can't.

Check out their kickstarter project HERE - Their window of opportunity ends the Sunday after Thanksgiving at 9pm PST.  Don't miss out... we want to hear this LP!
PS - Watch the kickstarter video to the end... it will show you how great their improv skills are.

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