Sunday, November 23, 2014

77 Days Until the Grammys?!!

Well…I have some work to do!

First, let me introduce myself.  I, as described by my Mennonite (and self-described Hobbit counterpart), am the Elf.  Yes.  It is true.  I am the one.  The one that our Hobbit friend hopes to hide behind during our horrifying trip down the red carpet 77 days from now.
Let me fix those high heels for you.
Now, let me be clear.  There is nothing horrifying about the thought of going to the Grammys.  I mean, really people; beauty, stars, talent, music, glamour.  It is something I have dreamed about most of my life.  Last year it was completely exciting.  I didn't give the red carpet a second thought.  I felt confident.  And now, I've been there. 

For you to really understand, I must explain. 
No, there is too much.  Let me sum up.
If you are not a star attending the Grammys, then you park wherever you can find a place when you are driving yourself.  It involves walking.  It also involves walking where the crowds are leading you, right?  Wrong!  We followed the crowds of beautiful people in gorgeous gowns, tuxedos, and smiles full of anticipation.  We followed them for a mile, although, because I was wearing a long gown and 3” lace up heels, it seemed more like five miles. 

I had blisters on my feet when we arrived and asked the nice person taking our tickets where we should go to walk down the red carpet.  Eye rolling.  Laughter.  “You DO NOT want to do that!”  To which I thought in my head, “I did not tape myself into this dress, have my hair done, have fake eyelashes glued on, to NOT go there.”  Instead, I smiled and listened to her describe the walk we would need to make, which by the way, was completely back to where our car was parked, to find the street that would lead us back to the glorious trip down the red carpet.  We chose not to.  We chalked it up to our “freshman” experience at the Grammys.  
The Year of Our Lorde.
Now, from that point forward, I will say it was magical.  I am an Elf after all…I appreciate the magic in moments like this.  The performances were…indescribably fantastic.  Imagine going to all your favorite concerts in one night, and having each artist do the one song you were really there to see.  The lights, the production, the experience…truly AMAZING.
"I'd like to apologize to... pretty much everyone."
This year, we will not be freshman.  The Hobbit and the Elf will in fact, be walking down the red carpet.  And there will NOT be hiding.

And now the work begins, in an effort to not make the trip quite so horrifying. 

Step one – Limousine.  There will be no walking this year, other than down the red carpet by this Elf and her Hobbit friend.
Step two – Diet.  Yes, this past year did get a bit away from me, and I am not quite my Elf self.  So…I will resort to diet and as you might suspect…
Step three – Exercise.   The hopeful key to actually squeezing this body into the dress I purchased in anticipation when I was 2 sizes smaller. 
Step four – Join my Hobbit, Mennonite friend for some Spanx, shoes, clutches, and make-up shopping. 
Step five – Memorize every lyric on my new 1989 CD.  And pray there is no head-banging this year.

"Does this microphone make me look short?"
And then…enjoy.  Because really…going to the Grammys?!  Yes, it is a gift.  Despite all the preparation, it is something I can’t even believe I got to do once in my lifetime…let alone twice!  So, here we go.  In 77 days I will be walking…ready or not…down the red carpet.  I guess I better set down my hot buttered rum, and get down to business!  #elfatthegrammys

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Silver Remains Releases Debut Album

Silver Remains releases self-titled debut modern rock album available on, iTunes, Spotify, and all major music sites.

Silver Remains Releases Debut Album Portland, OR, November 17, 2014 --( “Silver Remains” is a collection of original songs written and performed by Vancouver-based modern hard rock group Silver Remains ( The album has 11 tracks that reflect the group’s musical evolution over the past five years. “At first we were just a few guys having fun making music in our garage,” said Devin Kvalvik, band leader and principal drummer. “What started as a fun hobby turned into something serious when we realized how well the songs we were writing were being received by the fans. We ended up with an album that really reflects who we are as performers and gives a good idea of what to expect at our live shows.”

The project features Devin Kvalvik on drums, Grant Clarno on vocals, Austin Kvalvik and Eric Henrichsen on guitars, and features Michael Kvalvik on bass. “The great thing about this project is that it had time to evolve,” said producer Jozi Bently. “We started working with the band a few years ago. They went through a few cast changes during that time, all of which lent their own individual flavors to the songs. By the time these songs made it to the studio they were not only unique but also incredibly well polished.”

Silver Remains has been together since 2008. Their founding sibling members, along with Henrichsen, later added Clarno to vocals after the producers held an open audition. “Once we found Grant, the sound really began to come together,” said Henrichsen. “He brought a style and a delivery that was really original but definitely communicated what we were trying to say with our songs.” Since Clarno’s addition to the band, the group has been a regular name in the Portland music scene, playing venues throughout the city as well as radio and streaming shows. “It’s great to have something tangible as a takeaway for our fans now,” Kvalvik added, speaking of the album. “They’ve always taken away the experience of a great show, but now they can hopefully relive that experience on their own. We’ve been very excited to give this to our fans.”

Silver Remains’ album was produced by BentBeat’s Jozi Bently and Dave Beatty. Introduced to the band in 2010, the band had just begun discussing recording a project. “It may seem like a long time to make an album,” said Bently. “These guys are extremely talented and it was worth it to everyone to wait to push the final ‘record’ button until they’d found their perfect match with Clarno. Once the cast was set, everything else just fell into place. We were happy to have been a part of this project that really showcases some of the finest up and coming musicians in the area.”

“Silver Remains’” album is available on, iTunes, Spotify, and all major music sites. A public release party will be held at 6pm on Saturday, November 22, 2014 at River’s Edge Church, 3801 NW Fruit Valley Rd., Vancouver, WA 98660.

About BentBeat Productions: The recording and publishing division of All Requests Live, Inc., BentBeat is based in Portland, Oregon. BBP’s focus is on partnering with musicians to produce, record, and release high quality broadcast-level music through social media and mainstream distribution. BentBeat’s portfolio is available on, iTunes, Spotify, and all major music sites. Please join in supporting musicians.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Road to the GRAMMYS: 88 Days

Ever since being invited to (and attending) the Grammys last year, the number one question we at BentBeat have been asked is “What was it like?” I can’t think of a more difficult question to answer. There’s about fifty answers to that particular query, and none of them get even close to summing up the experience. But if we were to try, we’d say stuff like:

1.       Great performances.
2.       Amazing production.
3.       Great performances.
4.       Musical history.
5.       Great performances.
6.       Better than we imagined.
7.       Great performances.
8.       No, it’s nothing like on TV.
9.       Great performances.
10.    Can’t wait to go back.
No. This was not our vantage point from last year.
Wait, can’t wait to go back? We’re going back? My (male) counterpart here at BBP tells me, “Hell yeah we’re going back!” Which is all extremely exciting and thrilling and wonderful of course, but it brings up the OTHER side of the experience, the one that THE BOY didn’t really have to deal with:

1.       Beautiful people.
2.       Tight shoes.
3.       Beautiful people.
4.       Sleep-deprived eye luggage.
5.       Beautiful people.
6.       Hiding from the red carpet (and its cameras).
7.       Beautiful people.
8.       Wondering why I didn’t pay a professional to do my hair.
9.       Beautiful people.
10.    Spanx, Spanx, and more Spanx.
Need I say more?
Sooooooo there’s only one way to really answer the question of “what was it like?” and that is to begin at the beginning.  The beginning of the realization that the Mennonite from Middlebury is, in fact, going to have to re-visit and re-plan and re-dress Music’s Biggest Night…and this time I’m going to be forced onto the red carpet with all its permanent flashbulbs and accidental elbow rubbing with some of the most beautiful people in the world… that realization is, three months away from said Big Night, producing a renewed sense of panic that I haven’t felt since I saw my toddler reach for the butcher knife to play “light saber” with the dog. It’s sort of not cool, people.
I don't see where he could have possibly got this from
Did I panic this much last year? No.

Last year I entered the arena with a blissful ignorance that saved me from a few months of self-image self-hatred and self-bashing self-talk that are sure to follow me unless I face the inevitable: This may be “the beginning” but I have to START NOW in order to enjoy the upcoming evening.
I would feel the need to wear a hat & whip to accept this.
So without further ado, here’s what it’s like to “go to the Grammys”…88 days prior to actually “going.”

1.       Joined a gym. A boot camp, actually, because that’s what is required to fit into a dress.
2.       Budgeted a dress. This part was easy, I just cut out food and eating for the next three months.
3.       Began slowly shaving away the outside layer of skin on my foot.  I figure if I keep this up until February I can whittle away a good half inch from each foot and actually fit into some shoes.
4.       Began watching Groupon for deals on Spanx. Because I’ll need two full sets- one to start the evening, one to change into in the bathroom after I’ve split the first pair trying to get out of the limo.
5.       Started looking for a limo.
6.       Downloaded “1989” because it just seems necessary to have some knowledge of this album before the inevitable Taylor Swift headbanging party begins. (Nobody likes a live Googler.)
7.       Got a cold. Hey, this will help my workout efforts.
8.       Traded in all my sweatpants for a spandex body wrap. Don’t know what this is? Look it up. Or don’t. You might have to gouge out your eyes.
9.       Started looking for a babysitter. Because two year olds in tuxes may be cute, but Mommy doesn’t want to have to drag him around all night long.
10.   Began a playlist of all the artists I can’t wait to see in person. Where else can I do this? I may not breathe the entire night, but only half of that breathlessness will be because of my too-tight dress. The other half will be in awe of the amazing talent and performances I’m surrounded by.
We hope Taylor's doctor has cleared her from her neck injury.
There you go- 88 days away and this Mennonite is getting READY.  Check back later for my progress.  And help us make #amishatthegrammys this season’s most trending topic. Annnnnnnd GO!

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