Thursday, September 29, 2011

Skye's the Limit

On June 24th, local Jazz guitar player, Eric Skye, invited our Pro Sound Recording services to come out and capture his trio playing at The Old Church in downtown.  The team came in and recorded his band in a digital, multi-track environment.

The result on this video is 100% authentic. No re-takes, no studio "behind the curtain" tricks, no gimmicks. Just a great sounding mix in a room with amazing acoustics from an top-performer here in Portland. It's a bit long (10 minutes), but definitely worth every single note, with an amazing drum solo. Listen to the quality of the musicians, their instruments, and the feeling that you're actually sitting in the room hearing these extremely talented gentlemen perform.

To see the HD video of "Chitlins Con Carne," visit

Eric's website is:

BentBeat Productions

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