Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Moved In and Motivated

Ready guys?  We're all moved in.  Well, mostly. There's a box or two still to unpack, pictures to be hung, and there's a big hole where the vent should be above the stove-top.  BUT, the microwave works, the pantry is full, and the new Keurig is fully stocked with coffee and tea. 

We have successfully taken residence up in our new project space, which is quite a bit more comfy and versatile than the prior ones we've been in.  Is this where we should mention the one that got so hot and muggy during a major recording session that it overheated our iPhones?  I digress. We're just happy that the remodel is ready for us to get the creative minds working without distraction.  Whew.

This last year, we tripled the number of full-length published projects, produced music for a tongue-in-cheek ("viral") music video, attended the Grammys for the first time (see previous entry), and have had the pleasure of meeting many talented artists.

We've currently working hard with some very hard working musicians who are anxious to let you hear their completed releases.  There are two in the works this spring scheduled to be released this summer: Silver Remains (rock) and Jesse Lee Falls (blues).

We've been adding to our session musicians, engineering, production, marketing and publicity cast.  These guys are amazing.  and look forward to working with these and other up-and-coming artists.  We are blessed to be working with such a great group of talented individuals.

2014 should be a momentous year for the BentBeat team.  We're glad that you are all a part of it.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled editing console.

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