Thursday, January 29, 2015

11 Days to the Grammys: The Final Countdown

The Elf here, again.  I thought it would be appropriate to do “The Final Countdown” (cue theme music) for our trip to the Grammys.

Day 11) Dust off my old CD’s and start listening.  Yes, it is true: I graduated in the late 80’s, and I am most excited about seeing AC/DC live.  Oh, and here’s hoping that Madonna is better than last year.

Day 10) Go running.  Help friends move.  Listen to Sam Smith (because I don’t know any of his music other than Stay With Me, and I probably should).
Mother must be so proud

Day 9) Try on my dress to determine necessary accessories.  Isn’t that a mouthful?!  But seriously, I still need to purchase undergarments, jewelry, and probably something to control my Elf-like hair!

Day 8) OMG!  I’m going to the GRAMMY’S, and I get to walk down the RED CARPET!!!  And I get to see Lady Gaga sing with TONY BENNETT, and so far, it looks like no head-banging from Taylor this year!  Go running.

Day 7) Pack.  An Elf can never be too prepared.  Packing early will ensure that I have all necessary supplies for anything that comes my way on Grammy morning.
Don't judge

Day 6) Go to the Apple store.  It is obvious that my last-leg-now-apparently-obsolete iPhone 5, will need to be upgraded so I have appropriate technology to take pictures and capture the Elf and Hobbit experience for all of you.  And…run, AGAIN.
Maybe I should reconsider my running WITH the phone

Day 5) Set the DVR to make certain we record the festivities, and read the program so I know who (besides Weird Al) is up for Best Comedy Album.

Day 4) Call my Hobbit friend to make certain there isn’t something I forgot to do or pack.  I may have the long legs, but she has all the creative brain-power.  She will inevitably think of things I never even considered.  Then? You guessed it: run, for the last time prior to our trip down the red carpet.

Day 3) Fly to Los Angeles.  YES!  Did I mention I am going to the GRAMMY’S?!!  Oh, and eat salad and drink lots of water, so I don’t become a bloated Elf in the travelling process.
I'll just have a Diet Coke

Day 2) Pick up our tickets, and try not to stare and look star-struck when George Michael walks by.  Note: I am so jealous of “The Boy”, who actually did see him last year!

Day 1)  Get up early, put my Elf self together, and look stunning for the cameras all day long. And, most importantly, ENJOY every single moment of this amazing day!  After all, it is not every day one gets to go to the Grammys!


The BentBeat Team

Friday, January 9, 2015

33 Days to the Grammys: Our To-Do List

The boy here, again.  So, the big L.A. trip is about a month away.  Now is just about the time that I start to panic.  And what do I do when I panic?  Yes, that’s right – make a list.  
Douglas Adams was an optimist

Lists make me calmer.  They have a sense of accomplishment when you can grab a Sharpie and cross stuff out and make it look like you’re being productive.  
Making obsessive compulsives happy since 1964

They are also good for things to remember later, so that I can calm down and enjoy the moment when it’s upon me.  So, I shall share my ‘Grammy list’ with you:

- Get a tux.  OK, really this is for the Hobbit’s husband.  But an important piece.
- Find the perfect clutch.  Wait, never mind, that’s not me either.
- Listen to Taylor’s “1989” again.  It was good the first time, I wonder what a second listen will do?

- Work on acceptance speech.  Crap, not me again.
- Town Car or Limo?  #firstworldproblems
- Ask Idina Menzel for voice lessons.
"I'm sorry, who?"

- Avoid driving past former girlfriends’ home.  Check.
- Petition ABC to bring back “Lost.”  Hey, I can dream big.
- Visit the Rose Bowl.  Hey, if I couldn't be there for the Ducks, at least I can live vicariously. 
Any excuse to put this in today: #goducks

- Challenge Disneyland’s Gaston to arm-wrestling contest.  
- Be a walk-on extra in Stallone’s new Rambo film: “Last Blood.”  Seriously.
- Shake Kanye West’s hand for his choice on keyboard players.
"Looking forward to a long career. Thanks, Kanye."

- Ask Weird Al if he remembers me when we met in 1986 at Knott’s Berry Farm [citation needed]


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