Friday, January 9, 2015

33 Days to the Grammys: Our To-Do List

The boy here, again.  So, the big L.A. trip is about a month away.  Now is just about the time that I start to panic.  And what do I do when I panic?  Yes, that’s right – make a list.  
Douglas Adams was an optimist

Lists make me calmer.  They have a sense of accomplishment when you can grab a Sharpie and cross stuff out and make it look like you’re being productive.  
Making obsessive compulsives happy since 1964

They are also good for things to remember later, so that I can calm down and enjoy the moment when it’s upon me.  So, I shall share my ‘Grammy list’ with you:

- Get a tux.  OK, really this is for the Hobbit’s husband.  But an important piece.
- Find the perfect clutch.  Wait, never mind, that’s not me either.
- Listen to Taylor’s “1989” again.  It was good the first time, I wonder what a second listen will do?

- Work on acceptance speech.  Crap, not me again.
- Town Car or Limo?  #firstworldproblems
- Ask Idina Menzel for voice lessons.
"I'm sorry, who?"

- Avoid driving past former girlfriends’ home.  Check.
- Petition ABC to bring back “Lost.”  Hey, I can dream big.
- Visit the Rose Bowl.  Hey, if I couldn't be there for the Ducks, at least I can live vicariously. 
Any excuse to put this in today: #goducks

- Challenge Disneyland’s Gaston to arm-wrestling contest.  
- Be a walk-on extra in Stallone’s new Rambo film: “Last Blood.”  Seriously.
- Shake Kanye West’s hand for his choice on keyboard players.
"Looking forward to a long career. Thanks, Kanye."

- Ask Weird Al if he remembers me when we met in 1986 at Knott’s Berry Farm [citation needed]


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