Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Four Days to the Grammys: For Updates From the Floor…

The boy here.  Well, the time is upon us.  The reason I’m the one giving the update today is because both the Hobbit and the Elf are currently doing all the things necessary for girls to do in order to fly to L.A. on Friday morning.  In the Hobbit's case, that means changing her mind about absolutely everything at the very last minute, so she's at the mall with 72 hours til show time shopping for a new red carpet dress. Well planned, Hobbit. Anyway, that means… you’re stuck with me.
Maybe not "Fifty Shades" stuck...

So, we want y’all to stay informed (Yes, I just “y’alled” ya, deal with it).  However, no matter how much we love all of you, we have absolutely no plans to sit down to a computer anytime between now and probably next Tuesday if we can help it.
Your children will mock you for having ever used this

So, we’re going to make you a deal.  Follow us on twitter, facebook, and the occasional Instagram (if you really want to) @bentbeat – we will be giving “live” updates all weekend starting midday on Friday from La-La Land itself.  We promise not to spoil the televised fun for the west-coasters, but we might give you an update from the ‘pre show’ when they give out the Grammy for best cow bell performance..

**Note: for you non-tech types, just keep checking in on our social media posts this weekend**
"Look, I turned it on."
We thought we’d make it fun.  What better way than with a fun game?  Here’s the rules (they’re simple, stay with me):

1. Post a status/tweet using both the hashtag #GRAMMYs and our name @bentbeat in the same sentence. No, a post that simply says “#GRAMMYs @bentbeat” will not count… this is entertainment, people - be creative (you gotta work for your prize.)
2. The first 15 people will get a personal video message back from Team BentBeat either on Saturday or Sunday from L.A. Live. See? We'll work for your prize too. 
3. Sit back and watch the fun.

To sum it up:  No more blog posts here until we get back and recover.  Follow us and watch the hijinks begin.


The BentBeat Team

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