Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Grammys 2015

Well, that was awesome.  A great long weekend at L.A. Live, topped off by music’s biggest night. Fun was had by all.  Here are some of the highlights (from The Boy's point of view):
No apples were hurt taking this photo
A tribute to our freshman experience last year

Yes, the BentBeat ladies had their day on the carpet.  Everyone was honored to be walking over (*cough*) I mean, PAST Ryan Seacrest, John Legend, Pharrell and the like.  I think our gals rocked it.

Then there were some other people on the carpet too...
No doubt it's Gwen Stafani
LL Cool J hitting a perfect pitch near Anna Kendrick
Pentatonix harmonizing about their win earlier
And then, there's stuff like this:
We knew we liked him
Before John Mayer, aka, the best guitar alive who didn’t have an album recorded sometime in the 60’s (haters, begin) took the stage with Ed Sheeran, John stopped to sign an autograph for a wheelchair-bound fan.  You will only see this picture from Team BentBeat (let’s just say that cameras were discouraged from where this was taken…shhhh).

The main event:
We made some predictions (really, just our votes) in a few categories on this blog on Dec 15th.  The ones we’re most “Happy” about (get it?) were:

The Band Perry, Paramore, Pentatonix, Tenacious D (yes, Jack Black’s metal duo), and Weird Al.  Nicely done, everyone.  

An honorable mention to Max Martin (Producer of the year) for working with Katy Perry on both “Unconditionally” and “Dark Horse, plus that other gal he produced…

"Do these shoes match the color of the envelope I'm opening later?"
Yes, Taylor was there.  Thank goodness I didn’t see Macklemore anywhere. We would have had words.

And to top the trip off – a little reward on our way back to PDX:
Oh, believe it.  There's a shuttle.

Let's do this again soon, shall we?

The BentBeat Team
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PS: Thanks to our PhotoGal, a great addition to our team on the carpet this year!
We couldn't have done it without you

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