Tuesday, August 25, 2015

That "Are You Serious?" Moment

I almost deleted the email.  Then I looked a second time.  No, really, someone said we didn't suck so much.  

We are humbled to let you know that we received the 2015 award for "#1 Audio And Music Producer in Portland"   Well, look at that.  I guess that means that we have a lot to live up to.  
Cool your jets, Kanye

We appreciate everyone who made this award possible:  A great team of engineers, songwriters, musicians, and interns here at BBP.  Our cast of artist talent ranging from the casual musician to the world touring acts.  Lastly, to the internet reviewers (google, thumbtack, etc.) who thought kindly about the music we produce here. 

Looking forward to continuing to make artistic ideas become a reality.  Now, back to that album I should be working on right about now (sorry, Katrina!)...

The BentBeat Team
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