Monday, January 4, 2016

What if Taylor Swift Didn’t Win?

Editor's Note: We want to know who YOU would choose for second place in each of her six Grammy categories. Cast your votes at the end - J+D

It’s awards season again, and we’ve dusted off the garb that we hopefully will fit into come red-carpet time.  So, let’s get this over with:  Taylor’s "1989" album will sweep the 2016 Grammy's.  

Pictured here preparing for her contribution on the next "Fifty Shades" Soundtrack

Answers to your FAQ’s:

  • Yes, it is that good.
  • No, it’s not just because she’s popular.
  • Yes, it is really good.
  • Everyone likes her music (or can at least objectively appreciate why "someone else" likes it).
  • Why haven’t you bought it yet?
  • Max Martin and Shellback are pure producer genius.  We wonder if either of them needs a job…

Like we needed an excuse to add this picture to this post.
This is an amazing album.  We could throw around comparisons like “Thriller,” “Pet Sounds” or “Sgt. Pepper,” but only time will really tell if it lives up to that level of respect. Having said that:  Tell me exactly, when was the last time you listened to an entire album start to finish more than one time?

That's what I thought.
Now that that’s all over with, let play a game.  Let’s all suspend reality for a minute and pretend that Ms. Swift’s most recent brilliance came out LAST year.  Wait… didn’t it?  I seem to remember stuffing a child’s stocking last Christmas…  Oh yes, now I remember. 1989 was released in October (not to be confused with "Shake It Off," which was only a single the summer of 2014).  Why is that important?  That is JUST AFTER the September 30th Grammy cut-off to allow for a whole year plus of ear-worm bliss.

Did I miss the deadline?  Whoopsie, my bad.
So, here’s your challenge.  Rather than us going on and on about TS1989 (which, may remind you, deserves to win), we want to give “the other guys” some airtime.  We would love to know who YOU would vote for in each of the six categories where TS will take home the golden idol.  Plus, we added in a bonus question for “best new artist” for a total of seven questions.  Take a minute to put your votes in (it's just seven, people), and we will tally up the results on our next entry.

BentBeat's Pretend 2016 Ballot (VOTE HERE)

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