Monday, February 24, 2020

Northwest Musical Acts Finding Success with BentBeat Productions

Stuck by Qori is available on all streaming services now

New artist, Qori, streams over 100,000 after releasing her first single, Stuck, on BentBeat Productions Label based in Wilsonville.

Portland, OR, February 24, 2020 --  The music industry is tough.  Tougher than most.  What used to be only available on records and CDs, people now want for free.  To make things more interesting, musicians are having to compete with artists who record bedroom productions like Billie Eilish and her brother/producer Finneas.  But (spoiler alert), just because they record a song in their spare room, it doesn’t go straight to the top of the charts.

What takes place after the recording is when all the underappreciated hard work goes in.  Mixing the song to make it sound as good as it can be, mastering it to sound like it belongs on the radio, and the promotion to make it stand out among the quazillion other songs you can hear at the swipe of your finger.

Take for example, Qori, a talented alternative singer and songwriter here in the Portland area.  She is a great artist, but needed some additional help with getting her song from the idea stage to the airwaves.  BentBeat Producers Dave and Austin took Qori under their wing and helped Qori record her breakout single, Stuck.  With her great vocals and compelling sound, Qori’s song has been streamed over 100,000 times since its release in October of 2019. 

Qori just released a follow-up single, Cape Cod, with a far rockier edge, while still maintaining her signature singing and writing style.

Congrats to Qori for her great opening hand in the crowded field of music you can listen to right now on all streaming services.

About BentBeat Productions: BentBeat is based in Portland, Oregon. BBP’s focus is on partnering with musicians to produce, record, and release high quality broadcast-level music through streaming services, social media and traditional distribution. BentBeat’s artists are available on Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music and all major music sites. Please join in supporting musicians.

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