Tuesday, December 8, 2020

The He & I Band Shares Their Recovery Story

This Is Life - He & I Band, Album Cover
This Is Life - He & I Band, Album Cover

He & I Band’s debut with BentBeat Productions focuses on a list of real-life subjects revolving around substance recovery, love and loss, and their faith with their 16-song album, This is Life.

Portland, OR, December 8, 2020 – (pr.com) – It is the summer of 2018 at Willis D. Tucker Amphitheater in the Seattle suburb of Snohomish, Washington. Being held there is the Rock the Church Northwest Music Festival, and the He & I Band takes the stage.  Their performance includes songs detailing their struggles and victories over life’s biggest challenges.  Drugs, alcohol, abuse, relationships, and their trust in their Heavenly Father.  

On the stage that day, the band unveiled a song that writers Angie West and Damien Blond had just finished composing days before.  Titled, “Scars,” BentBeat producer and owner, Dave Beatty, immediately paid attention.  

“BentBeat had a booth set up, and we were conducting a song writing competition that weekend,” said Beatty.  “The song was compelling and extremely well-constructed.  It was a privilege to award them with the top honor that weekend.”

Scars was recorded at BentBeat Studios in Portland, Oregon. “Once we got wind of people’s responses from (the song), it was obvious that the team had more to say and we needed to release their other material,” Beatty continued.  “The band had been working with producer Joe Nicholson, in the Seattle area.”  Nicholson handed off the songs that they had been constructing together, and the BentBeat team went to work creating and assembling what would become the This is Life album.

“Feel, deal and heal,” commented Angie West, the band’s lead vocalist. “The band was born out of members leading worship music with Celebrate Recovery,” a worldwide, faith-based 12 step support group.  “We always want our music to bring awareness to people with challenges such as addictions, depression, domestic violence and abuse, mental illnesses and suicide prevention.” 

ARTIST’S NOTE: If you struggle in these areas please visit Celebrate Recovery to find a meeting near you where people are waiting to love on you.

West’s vocal delivery on This is Life is akin to some of the 80's iconic singers with songs like “At Your Feet” and “Through Your Eyes,” and a more modern delivery shining in “Get Up and Walk.”  Damien Blond’s piano work is creative and compelling, all the while adding his signature Broadway twist.  

“We want to be a light for those who have hit rock bottom,” added Blond. “Being open, vulnerable and honest is what helps all of us connect with each other.  For our part, we want our music to say, ‘This is who we are:  People in recovery spreading love and the gospel.’”

Legendary producer Bob Brooks, of Little Mountain Sound Studios in Vancouver B.C., was in process of mastering the album when his failing health prevented him from completing the task.  “Bob believed in us and our ministry,” said West. “When we became aware of how Bob's cancer was making it impossible to finish the mastering, we were devastated for him and his family. Thankfully that’s when his son, Delwyn Brooks (k.d. lang, INXS, Chicago), entered the project and expressed the desire to finish the engineering work in honor of his dad. The Brooks’ father and son names will be on an album together for the first time, and we think that’s pretty special.”

The This is Life album by He & I is available now on Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music, and everywhere you find great music. 

To purchase a CD, click the link on the He & I Band website.

About BentBeat Productions: BentBeat is based in Portland, Oregon. BBP’s focus is on partnering with musicians to produce, record, and release high quality broadcast-level music through streaming services, social media and traditional distribution. BentBeat’s artists are available on Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music and all major music sites. Please join in supporting musicians.

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  1. What a fabulous story and excellent description of the story of how this amazing CD came to exist by God's hand and grace. Thank you to all those who supported this project. It was an honor to be the host of the event, Rock The Church Northwest, that launched an amazing new path for some of my dearest friends and my most treasured colleagues in the gospel/ministry/recovery support/worship arts community.

    May God Bless all who lifted this project up and brought it to fruition. May HE and HE alone be glorified in this. In Jesus Name...Pastor Kathy Jo

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